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10 Best Attorney Website Designs

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A modern and well-designed attorney website is crucial for attracting and retaining clients, while also positioning your law firm as an industry leader. Your website should reflect your brand, core values, and deliver results that directly impact your bottom line.

In this post, we will cover five must-have features for your attorney website’s design. We will also highlight some of the best lawyer and attorney websites in Singapore and internationally, providing inspiration for your own site.

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5 Key Features Every Best Attorney Website & Company Should Have

1. Legal Expertise and Area of Practice

From banking and finance to criminal law, employment issues to healthcare, real estate to tax matters, there are numerous legal specialties. It’s crucial to list your area of practice and expertise so that clients can determine if you offer the services they need and if you are the right person to help with their cases.

Clear information about your legal services increases their interest in exploring more on your website. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to contact you for consultation or advice. This is especially important if you are planning to do a lawyer’s website redesign.

2. Partners & Team Profiles

If your law firm employs a full team of attorneys and lawyers, it is crucial to provide all necessary information to help clients understand whom to contact for their cases. Offering a profile image, name, contact number, email address, and area of practice is one of the best ways to achieve this.

A dedicated page for partners and team members streamlines communication and enables clients to contact individuals directly, rather than submitting queries through a generic contact form.

3. Accolades

Have you won a case that has garnered public attention or been interviewed by media companies or publishing firms? Treat these as marketing tools to establish trust and credibility between you and your clients.

This demonstrates your capability to handle and win cases for them. Publicity and word-of-mouth are excellent methods to raise awareness of your business and build your brand.

4. News & Achievements

The ability to hire and retain talented lawyers and attorneys not only impacts the business in the long run but also fosters networks and connections through recruitment. Recruiting the right talent increases the likelihood of winning cases that directly affect the law firm’s bottom line.

One key takeaway is to provide information about the company, work culture, job positions, and why talented individuals should join your firm. This is a common trend in all good law firm websites and should not be overlooked.

5. Sitemap of Entire Website

Another great feature to include in the design of your website is a sitemap. A sitemap is a list of pages that form the entire structure of a website. This should be among the first items on your checklist before starting a website as it will dictate the necessary information.

Incorporating a website developer can ensure a user-friendly experience by creating an intuitive sitemap, you can enhance the user experience of your clients on the website.

For a basic attorney website, we recommend the following sitemap:

  • Home
  • About Us (Our Story, Our Team, Testimonials)
  • Practice Areas (Banking & Finance, Corporate & Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law)
  • Services (Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Arbitration, Legal Advice & Consultation)
  • Resources (Articles & Insights, FAQs, Glossary)
  • Contact Us (Office Locations, Online Enquiry Form)

10 Best Inspiration Ideas for your Attorney and Law Website

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: Drew & Napier

To start our list of the top 10 attorney website designs and inspirations, we have Drew & Napier LLC. They provide the option for you to view their responsive website in multiple languages and invite you to connect with them via LinkedIn. Additionally, their website offers a convenient way for clients to search for their lawyers by name and area of practice.

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: Allen & Gledhill

Allen & Gledhill LLP is another example of one of the best attorney website designs, currently serving countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The homepage provides a search field, allowing users to quickly search for information, and employs a simple navigation menu to provide access to areas such as their partners and practice areas.

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: Wong Partnership

WongPartnership LLP is a law firm in Singapore with a homepage that utilizes a call-to-action sliding banner to showcase the latest news and offerings. The website also features an attention-grabbing header listing their team and contact details for clients to reach out to.

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: Xavier & Associations

Like other attorney websites on this list, Xavier & Associates uses an easily accessible navigation menu for users to access different areas of the website. The website showcases past client testimonials and includes a section on how they differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: AP Law Practice

What makes AP Law Practice’s website stand out is the minimalist design of the homepage, which removes unnecessary clutter and focuses solely on the essential information. Besides offering conventional methods of communication such as emails and phone calls, they also utilize WhatsApp as a messaging platform for prospects to send inquiries.

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: Duane Morris

Another excellent website for attorneys is Duane Morris LLP & Affiliates, which utilizes a full-width banner featuring a backdrop of Singapore to illustrate their operations in the country. Their call-to-action buttons are located on the right sidebar of the homepage, providing maps and directions to their offices. If you are an attorney or lawyer looking to establish a website, this website can serve as a source of inspiration.

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: PKWA Law Practice LLC

PKWA Law Practice LLC is a law firm website that focuses on high-quality, professionally taken pictures. The website features a fixed header banner that allows easy access to the menu while scrolling down the website. This is another great example for attorneys who are seeking inspiration for their website designs.

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: PKWA Law Practice LLC

Braddell Brothers LLP is another website for attorneys and lawyers that emphasizes their areas of practice and awards and recognitions. Their contact details are prominently displayed next to their business logo, and they go a step further by providing a search bar for quickly finding relevant information and services.

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: WMH Law Corporation

WMH Law Corporation is a law firm website that incorporates all the standard features you would expect in a website design. The website offers clear information on their practice areas, teams, careers, and contact page. They also provide an extensive write-up about their law firm and explain why they are superior to their competitors.

Law Firm Website Design Inspirations: Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC

Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC is a distinguished law firm renowned for its client-centric approach and extensive legal expertise. Through their user-friendly interface, users can gain insights into key information, including their proficient team members, diverse practice areas, and potential career opportunities, easily.

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