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NDP 2024: Celebrating Singapore's Resilience and Unity

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Welcome to your one-stop destination for everything NDP 2024! As Singapore prepares to celebrate another momentous National Day Parade, we’re here to guide you through all the excitement, events, and opportunities to be part of this year’s festivities. From highlights to participation details, this blog post has everything you need to make the most of NDP 2024. Let’s dive in and discover the magic together!

Content compiled specially from: NDP 2024 Official Website.

NDP 2024 Music Video

1. Official Theme Song Music Video - "Not Alone"

Presenting the Music Video for NDP 2024, “Not Alone”, sung by Benjamin Kheng.

2. MV Deep Dive

Find out more about this year’s NDP Music Video, “Not Alone”, and gain insights into its inspirations and creative direction.

Theme Song's Concept

Theme Song's Concept

The NDP 2024 theme song is composed and performed by Benjamin Kheng. ‘Not Alone’ pays homage to past NDP songs by incorporating familiar lyrics, evoking nostalgia, and rekindling Singaporeans’ connection to patriotic sentiments.

It adopts a first-person perspective and incorporates melancholic lyrics to validate Singaporeans’ feelings, while encouraging collective progress. The song’s progression into an uplifting second half aims to foster a sense of belonging among Singaporeans, transcending barriers and instilling a familial bond.

Music Video's Concept

Jointly directed by Koo Chia Meng, Brian Gothong Tan, and Davier Yoon, this year’s NDP music video features Benjamin Kheng, supported by the Music and Drama Company (MDC) ensemble.

The music video combines two visual styles – the first being a minimalist and introspective world that captures the reflective mood of the song, highlighting Singaporeans’ journey through the past 59 years; and the second featuring vignettes of Singapore, both past and present, illustrating the evolving social memories of Singaporeans.

These styles are woven together by strips of multi-coloured ‘fabric’ in the video, serving as a metaphor for the fabric of society, multiculturalism and the Singapore River. Through these visual and emotional threads, the music video celebrates the spirit of the nation, highlighting the tapestry formed by our shared experiences and heritage.

Reflecting the title of the song, “Not Alone,” the music video celebrates our strong bonds, depicting Singaporeans working, playing, learning, and living together.

Virtual Production

While Benjamin sings alone, the collective memories of Singaporeans gradually come to life. Using the Gaussian Splatting technique , 3D scanned environments were created within a virtual production studio, seamlessly blending the realms of reality and memory.

These 3D-scans mirror the exact scenes from the vignettes, enriching the visual storytelling with authenticity and depth. The viewer joins Benjamin in his journey through time, celebrating the enduring spirit and shared experiences that bind us together as a community. This fusion of technology and emotion underscores the message that, despite the passage of time, we are united in our collective heritage and memories.

The Motif of ‘Fabric’

The elements of the Music Video are unified by the appearance of multicoloured cloths that represent Singaporeans’ shared experiences, soaring through various scenes. In the final scene, the cloths drape over the housing estate, illustrating how individuals, like threads, come together to form a resilient and united nation.

Official Lyrics

How do I reach for the skies
If I’m feeling low,
Don’t know where to go
How do I stand when it’s time
When spirits are high
And flags are flying

But then I come to the river
That runs through my town
Where our fathers and mothers have watered the ground
And the roads I have walked
And the faces I know
Oh I know, I know

If we just look to each other
Then this house will feel like home
And the more we’re together the further we’ll go
You and I we’re Not alone
Not Alone
(You and I we’re, not alone yeah)

How do I know I belong?
We’ll find love for
Every creed and colour
If we lean on one another
How will I ever get there?
All I know is
You and me do better
When we run together

But then I come to the river
And fears start to fade
My brothers and sisters
We journey the same
And I know, I know

Just one ripple in a river
Can be the one to turn the tide
When the water rises
I’ll be right by your side

And if they ask of my home
When I’m miles apart
I’ll think of the people I hold in my heart
The family I’ve found, and the faces I know
Oh I know, I know

Behind the Scene (BTS)

Join us to get a Behind-the-Scenes look at the filming and planning process of this year’s Music Video, “Not Alone”.

3. Biography

Meet the singer, Benjamin Kheng, and the creative team behind this year’s
Music Video.

Benjamin Kheng, 33

Theme Song Composer and Singer

Benjamin Kheng is a distinguished Singaporean artist, writer, and director, renowned for his contributions to various creative domains. He gained prominence as a member of the acclaimed pop ensemble, The Sam Willows, and garnered widespread recognition for his composition of a Singapore-flavoured song celebrating ‘Cai Fan’.

Throughout his career, Benjamin has demonstrated his versatility, serving as a writer, director, and music producer on numerous critically acclaimed projects spanning both stage and screen. In his role for Forward SG’s short film, ‘Beautiful Dreamer’, directed by Boo Jun Feng, he showcased his prowess as a music director and composer.

In his capacity as a pop artist and writer, Benjamin has achieved remarkable success, amassing an impressive 95 million streams on Spotify. His talent and dedication were acknowledged with a nomination for ‘Best Southeast Asian Act’ at the MTV EMAs 2020; and a prestigious win for ‘Single of The Year’ – ‘Better With You’, at the Youth Music Awards 2021.

Benjamin has also made substantial contributions to NDP, having performed at the NDP 2015 with The Sam Willows; and participating in the ensemble for the NDP 2019 theme song, ‘Our Singapore’. He graced the stage once again for NDP 2021, reaffirming his commitment to Singapore’s cultural celebrations through his artistry and talent.

Brian Gothong Tan, 43

Music Video Co-Director

Brian Gothong Tan is a prominent figure in Singapore’s creative scene, excelling in theater, film, and installation art. He began his NDP journey in 2009 as the first Multimedia Director in the history of the parade.

Brian has represented Singapore internationally, including at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. His films have been featured at the Cannes Film Festival, and he has played significant roles in national events like the Youth Olympic Games and SEA Games.

Honored with the ‘Young Artist Award’ in 2012 and the ‘Singapore Youth Award’ in 2015, Brian continues to innovate, with recent projects like the Bicentennial Experience and Lost Cinema. His work in ‘Angel Island’ won ‘Best Multimedia’ at the ST Life Theatre Awards 2024.

Here is the list of past year’s creative directors for NDP:

  • 2024: Brian Gothong Tan
  • 2023: Royston Tan
  • 2022: Adrian Pang
  • 2021: Boo Jun Feng
  • 2020: Royston Tan
  • 2019: Dick Lee
  • 2018: Boo Jun Feng
  • 2017: Goh Boon Teck
  • 2016: Beatrice Chia-Richmond
  • 2015: Dick Lee
  • 2014: Dick Lee
  • 2013: Selena Tan
  • 2012: Fan Dong Kai
  • 2011: Beatrice Chia-Richmond
  • 2010: Dick Lee

Koo Chia Meng, 40

Music Video Co-Director

Trained as a filmmaker, Chia Meng has been actively involved in various aspects of film production since 2009. He co-founded his production company Fiction Shore in 2013, and subsequently completed his Master of Fine Arts in Film Directing at the Taipei National University of the Arts in 2019.

Some of Chia Meng’s earlier short films were official selections at regional film festivals including Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival, ifva Hong Kong, Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore Shorts ’21 and Minikino Film Week.

For NDP 2020 and 2021, Chia Meng was the director for the live-action Show Films, and was Multimedia Director (Film) for NDP 2022.

As Multimedia Designer, Chia Meng’s credits include several Singaporean theatre productions and international concerts like ‘Michael Learns To Rock 25: Live in Singapore’. At the Straits Times Life Theatre Awards 2019, Chia Meng and co-designer Andrew Robert Ng were awarded ‘Best Multimedia’ for their work on W!ld Rice’s ‘Supervision’.

Davier Yoon, 38

Music Video Co-Director

Davier Yoon is a distinguished figure in the animation industry, known for his work in projection mapping and AR applications. His notable projects include the Esplanade’s 20th-anniversary event ‘Dancing with Light’ and directing the award-winning animated series “Platoon Thumbs Up”.

Davier has been involved in significant projects like the Singapore Bicentennial Experience and stage graphics for multiple NDPs. Co-founding CraveFX in 2013, Davier has helped establish the company as a leader in animation, catering to prestigious clients and excelling in animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and interactive experiences.

This year, he will take on the role of Multimedia Director for the first time in NDP 2024.

What to Expect in NDP 2024?

Here's what to expect for NDP 2024!

Singaporeans can look forward to a series of activities leading up to our National Day – with celebrations at the Padang and Promontory @ Marina Bay on 9 August, and Heartland Celebrations at five heartland sites on 10 August.

NDP 2024: What to Expect Infographic

1. Engagement Activities Before the National Day

Leading up to our National Day, Singaporeans can participate in the #GiveAsOneSG and #TogetherAsOneSG campaigns.

#GiveAsOneSG seeks to raise awareness of volunteering and to encourage participation in meaningful activities where Singaporeans can give back to society. This campaign is organised in partnership with SG Cares, Singapore Red Cross and Goodhood.SG. It is also part of the broader Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY) effort to promote volunteerism in 2024, which has been designated the Year of Celebrating Volunteers.

#TogetherAsOneSG seeks to encourage Singaporeans to come together to celebrate our nation’s birthday. Campaigns include FlyOurFlag, EatAsOne, August Goes to School and Dance of the Nation. Singaporeans living overseas will also have the opportunity to celebrate through the Singapore@Home campaign. #TogetherAsOneSG is organised in partnership with the Agency for Integrated Care, Families for Life, MOE, SG Enable, SportSG, Singapore Global Network, and Yellow Ribbon.

More information about #GiveAsOneSG and #TogetherAsOneSG will be released on the official NDP website (, Facebook (, TikTok (@NDPeeps) and Instagram (@NDPeeps) in the coming weeks.

2. Celebrations at the Padang and Promontory @ Marina Bay on the National Day

NDP Celebrations at the Padang

The NDP 2024 celebrations will encompass the theme “Together, As One United People” and will feature four segments:

1. Pre-parade:
This segment will comprise performances by students from the Ministry of Education (MOE), local artistes, as well as the Red Lions.

2. United We Stand:
The Parade and Ceremony (P&C) segment, titled “United We Stand”, will highlight a combined Military Tattoo comprising the SAF Band and four Secondary Schools’ Bands.

The Volunteer Contingent will also return to NDP 2024 to showcase how every Singaporean has a part to play in the defence of Singapore. P&C crowd favourites such as the choir music video, the State Flag Flypast, Salute to the Nation, the Presidential Gun Salute and Feu de Joie will be part of the parade.

Audiences can also look forward to the inaugural Onward March at Padang where the marching contingents will march onto the spectator stand, bringing our parade closer to them as we all celebrate our nation’s birthday as One United People.

3. Together, We Are Strong:
The Total Defence 40 (TD40) Dynamic Defence Display (D3), titled “Together, We Are Strong”, will be performed at the Padang for the first time. This segment showcases the integrated Whole-of-Government and community responses to possible threats across various scenarios, including air and maritime threats as well as civil emergencies and disruptions, through a coordinated show between the Padang and Marina Bay.

4. Our People:
The Show segment, themed “Our People”, will be told across four chapters and three connecting short films. It aims to tell the stories of Our People by spotlighting the collective strength of Singaporeans and the intricate diversity and unity that defines our society through mass performances, familiar songs and emotive filmlets.

NDP Celebrations at the Padang

For the first time, the NDP celebration will extend to the Promontory @ Marina Bay, co-organised with NTUC. Attendees will be able to enjoy the fireworks and the TD40 D3 maritime and aerial segments live, watch stage performances and the live telecast of NDP at the Padang. More details on the Bay Celebration will be released subsequently.

3. Celebrations at the Heartlands after National Day

The festivities will continue the next day, with Heartland Celebrations on 10th August, co-organised with the People’s Association. There will be five Heartland Celebration sites for Singaporeans to celebrate the nation’s 59th birthday together through community group performances on stage, static displays of SAF, SCDF and SPF vehicles, viewing of fireworks displays as well as carnival and family activities. NDP packs will also be given to those attending the celebrations. While stocks last!

NDP 2024 Theme and Logo


“Together, As One United People” is the theme for this year’s celebrations. It highlights the collective strength of our people and underscores the importance of every citizen rallying together to share our future and uplift those around us.

The theme encapsulates the essence of our Nation’s success and resilience. While the road ahead is uncertain, our strength lies within our diversity. It reflects the spirit of Inclusivity, Community and Trust that has enabled us to overcome and flourish in the last 59 years despite the challenges.


The NDP 2024 logo celebrates our achievements and our collective efforts towards making Singapore our best home.

Number "59" / Wording "SG"

The number “59” and letters “SG” has been embedded into this year’s NDP 2024 logo, symbolising Singapore and our 59 years of independence.

The Five Stars

The five stars represent Singapore’s Ideals – democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality – and underscores our continuing efforts to build a fair and inclusive society.

The Six Strokes

The six ascending strokes symbolise the pillars of Total Defence as we commemorate TD40 this year.

Interested in past years NDP logos? We take a closer look at the National Day Parade (NDP) logos spanning decades and the cultural significance they hold for Singaporeans.

Tickets for NDP 2024

The NDP 2024 Executive Committee warmly invites Singaporeans to come together to celebrate the Nation’s 59th Birthday at the Padang.

Ticket applications for NDP 2024 at the Padang opens on 27 May 2024, 12:00pm (SGT) and closes on 10 Jun 2024, 12:00pm (SGT).

The application for NDP 2024 tickets will be conducted using Singpass. This approach seeks to: (1) enhance convenience for the user by using Singpass MyInfo for automated form filling; and (2) reduce fraudulent attempts to obtain personal information through counterfeit application

Ticket Application Process

Applicants can choose to apply for two (2), four (4), or six (6) tickets for any of the three NDP shows:

  • NDP Preview 1 on 27 July 2024
  • NDP Preview 2 on 3 August 2024
  • NDP 2024 on 9 August 2024

Step 1:
Visit the official NDP ticket balloting website at to submit your application.

NDP 2024 Ticket Application

Step 2:
Login with Singpass. Key personal information (i.e. Name, NRIC and contact number) will be auto filled using Singpass Myinfo into the provided FormSG. When applying on behalf of another applicant, the Singpass user will be required for the other applicant’s personal information (i.e. Name, NRIC and contact number) within the form.

A Singpass account is required to submit an application. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents without a Singpass account are recommended to:

  • Register for Singpass (for individuals aged 15 and above); or
  • Seek assistance from a family member or trusted person who has a Singpass account to apply for the tickets on your behalf; or
  • Visit ServiceSG Centres for in-person assistance with setting up a Singpass account or for further assistance on ticket applications. Visitors to ServiceSG Centres are required to bring their original NRIC for verification.

This will be the only modality and form of NDP 2024 ticket application. Avoid filling out any forms from unverified links and sources to prevent fraudulent attempts to obtain personal information.

After submitting the application, applicants will receive a confirmation email. It is recommended that applicants use their personal email addresses to ensure that notification emails are not redirected to the junk/spam folder.

Upon the closure of the application window (10 June 2024, 12:00pm SGT), a balloting process will be held to determine successful applicants. The electronic balloting system will be supported by Open Government Products, Government Technology Agency Singapore and audited by KPMG Services.

Tickets are not allocated on first-come-first-served basis.

All Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible to apply for the tickets.

Each applicant (identified via NRIC with Singpass login or NRIC submitted on behalf by a Singpass user) will only be entitled to one ballot chance. Only the latest submission will be considered as final, and all previous entries will be excluded from the balloting process.

Each ticket admits ONE spectator only, regardless of age, including infants carried in arms.

Notification of Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will receive notification via the email address provided during the application process, from 21 to 25 June 2024. Please remember to check both the inbox and spam/junk mail folders. The notification will only be sent from

Recipients of any notifications from NDP 2024 should beware of emails sent from other addresses as they could be scams or phishing attempts.

Terms and Conditions

The applicant agrees that the NDP 2024 Executive Committee (EXCO) may collect, use and disclose their personal data provided in the application form. The collected personal data may be used for the purposes of:

  1. facilitating the electronic balloting process;
  2. notifying successful applicant;
  3. record keeping;
  4. sending authorised notifications/updates by the NDP 2024 EXCO; (v) facilitating the distribution of tickets; and
  5. any other purposes related to the above.

All tickets for the NDP Preview 1, NDP Preview 2, and NDP 2024 are strictly not for sale. Action will be taken against personnel who partake in ticket scalping and fraudulent activities.

The NDP 2024 EXCO reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions at any time at their sole and absolute discretion without notice. These terms and conditions and all its subsequent variations shall be subjected to and governed by the laws of Singapore.

For further enquiries or feedback regarding NDP 2024 ticketing, please visit the official NDP 2024 website at The NDP 2024 EXCO also welcomes suggestions and feedback at

NDP 2024 FAQs

1. Where is NDP 2024?

We are now halfway through 2024, and Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) is quickly approaching. This year’s NDP, themed ‘Together, As One United People’ will take place at the Padang, with additional celebrations at The Promontory @ Marina Bay.

2. How to get NDP tickets 2024 online?

To apply for tickets, you can access and submit the application form starting from 12:00pm (SGT) on 27 May 2024 until 12:00pm (SGT) on 10 June 2024. Please note that once the application window closes, no further applications will be accepted.

Step 1:
Visit the official NDP ticket balloting website at to submit your application.

Step 2:
Login with Singpass. Key personal information (i.e. Name, NRIC and contact number) will be auto filled using Singpass Myinfo into the provided FormSG. When applying on behalf of another applicant, the Singpass user will be required for the other applicant’s personal information (i.e. Name, NRIC and contact number) within the form.

A Singpass account is required to submit an application. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents without a Singpass account are recommended to:

  • Register for Singpass (for individuals aged 15 and above); or
  • Seek assistance from a family member or trusted person who has a Singpass account to apply for the tickets on your behalf; or
  • Visit ServiceSG Centres for in-person assistance with setting up a Singpass account or for further assistance on ticket applications. Visitors to ServiceSG Centres are required to bring their original NRIC for verification.

3. How old will Singapore be in 2024?

In 2024, the parade will celebrate 59 years of independence and mark the 40th anniversary of Total Defence.

4. Can you bring food or drinks to NDP?

Light snacks and water are provided in the NDP Pack. You can bring food and bottled drink if required. Please be reminded to refrain from bringing large bag for the event. Kindly refer to our website at or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok (@NDPeeps) for more information. Once again, we thank you for your interest in NDP 2023.

5. How many tickets can I register for?

Each person can apply for either 2, 4 or 6 tickets.

6. Where and when is the ticket collection?

The venue for the collection of tickets is as follows: Marina Square, Level 2, Linkway Atrium (Outside BHC Chicken Singapore, #02-332A/332F). 7 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038987. The nearest MRT stations are Promenade (CC4 / DT15), Esplanade (CC3) and City Hall (NS25 / EW13). You may collect the tickets between 10:30am (SGT) and 8:30pm (SGT) on any of the following dates:

  • 28 to 30 June 2024 (Fri to Sun)
  • 5 to 7 July 2024 (Fri to Sun)

7. How will NDP 2024 be an inclusive show for all Singaporeans?

Prior to 9 Aug, we will be reaching out to all Singaporeans through the #TogetherAsOneSG effort to include all Singaporeans in our Public Engagement activities such as FlyOurFlag contest and EatAsOneSG Campaign. In our acts and films, we have also made a concerted effort to feature Singaporeans from different backgrounds and walks of life that we all can relate to.

To broaden the ‘live’ experience, NDP will be extending performances to the Marina Bay to allow more Singaporeans to join the celebrations. On 10 Aug, we will also extend the celebrations to the heartlands to include more Singaporeans in the celebrations.

8. Can I bring a non-citizen/non-PR to attend NDP?

Anyone who attends NDP must have a ticket. You can bring your friends or loved ones with you if they have a ticket.

9. Can senior citizens attend NDP?

Yes, we welcome our senior citizens to attend NDP at the Padang. We recommend them to come dressed in comfortable clothing and stay hydrated throughout the event.

If wheelchair assistance is required at the event, please approach our ushers located at Raffles City Shopping Centre; Stamford Entrance (in vicinity of Paris Baguette) who will guide them to the seating via the priority lane.

10. Is it free seating at the Padang?

No, seating at the Padang will be allocated by our ushers.

11. I’m wheelchair-bound, is the parade wheelchair accessible?

The National Day Parade is inclusive, and we have made provisions for wheelchair-bound individuals to join us in the celebrations. On the day of the event, you may approach our ushers located at Raffles City Shopping Centre; Stamford Entrance (in vicinity of Paris Baguette) who will guide you to the seating via the priority lane.

12. What is the significance of Onward March at Padang?

The Onward March brings the marching contingents closer to the spectators, which allows them to cheer on our frontline Home Team and SAF personnel and support them for the work they do. Symbolically, we also want to highlight that the defence of our nation relies not just on the uniformed personnel, but also on the collective responsibility and vigilance of all citizens.

13. Why is NDP using Singpass for Ticketing Application?

NDP has added Singpass to:

  1. Enhance convenience for users by using Singpass MyInfo for automated form filling; and
  2. Reduce fraudulent attempts to obtain personal information through counterfeit application forms.

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, aged 15 and above, without a Singpass account or Singpass mobile app are recommended to register for Singpass via (for individuals aged 15 and above) and/or log in to the Singpass mobile app via

14. Where can I buy NDP tickets?

NDP tickets are only allocated through balloting and are strictly NOT FOR SALE. Any attempts to sell the tickets will result in them being rendered void. Actions will be taken against offenders.

15. I have balloted for the tickets, what happens if I am unable to attend the parade?

Please ensure you can attend the parade when balloting, or you may pass the tickets to your loved ones to attend on your behalf. However, please exercise caution to ensure that the tickets are not misused.