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Best Graphic Artists in Singapore for 2024

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In today’s visually-driven world, exceptional graphic design plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of audiences and communicating messages effectively. Singapore, known for its diverse and innovative design scene, is home to many talented graphic artists who excel in creating stunning visuals.

In this article, we have curated a list of the top 10 graphic artists in Singapore, each with their unique artistic styles and impressive portfolios. Discover these creative individuals and get inspired by their outstanding work as you continue reading.

What Does a Graphic Artist Do?

A graphic artist is a creative pro who crafts visual content to express emotions, stories, and messages to people. They work both with traditional tools and digital technology, using their artistic skills to create diverse projects, from book covers to animations and advertisements.

10 Graphic Artists to Hire in Singapore

Graphic Artist Singapore: Design Start

Design Start is a renowned graphic design artist in Singapore, offering creative solutions to businesses and individuals alike.

With a focus on branding, logo design, and marketing collateral, their team of skilled designers consistently delivers visually appealing and engaging work. Design Start has collaborated with various clients, ranging from start-ups to established companies, helping them create a strong visual identity.

  • Services Offered: Name Card Design, Logo Design, Illustration, Annual Report & Publication Design, Brochure & Flyer Design, Banner & Poster Design, Photoshop Editing, Infographic Design, Social Media Design
  • Notable Clients: Go-Ahead Singapore, HOMAG, INNOVA Primary School, Pasir Ris East Community Club, Catholic High School
Freelance Graphic Artist Singapore: Kson Tay

Kson Tay is a versatile graphic artist based in Singapore, known for his innovative and eye-catching designs. With a strong background in branding, illustration, and packaging design, Kson effortlessly blends creativity with functionality in his work.

His artistic style is characterized by the use of bold colors, dynamic compositions, and intricate detailing. Kson has collaborated with numerous clients across various industries, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to excellence.

  • Area of Expertise: Branding, Packaging, Digital, Print
  • Notable Clients: P&G, Olay, InterContinental, CBS Interactive, NiCE, Ascendas Singbridge
Best Graphic Artist Singapore: Ella Zheng

Ella Zheng is a talented Singapore-based graphic artist who specializes in illustration, typography, and print design. Her unique artistic style is marked by a playful combination of colors, shapes, and whimsical elements that capture the imagination. Ella’s work often conveys a sense of joy, energy, and curiosity, making her designs memorable and engaging.

She has collaborated with various clients, creating visually striking and conceptually strong designs for projects ranging from editorial illustrations to branding.

  • Specialities: Branding & Strategy, Books & Publications, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustrations
  • Notable Clients: Mother FOlder, Arts Fest 2017, Internet Explorer, Esquire Singapore
Skilled Graphic Artist Singapore: Yana

Yana is a skilled graphic artist in Singapore with a flair for branding, illustration, and web design. Her work is characterized by a clean and minimalistic approach, often incorporating subtle color palettes and elegant typography. Yana’s designs effectively communicate her clients’ messages while maintaining a visually appealing and timeless aesthetic.

Her diverse portfolio showcases her adaptability and ability to tackle projects across various industries, from corporate identities to creative illustrations.

  • Area of Focus: Identity Design, Visual Communication, Event Campaign, Package Design
  • Notable Clients: Cafe820, Milken Institute, Bzu Bzu
Freelance Graphic Artist Singapore: Liting Yen

Liting Yen is a gifted Singapore-based graphic artist, specializing in illustration, animation, and visual design. Her unique style is a blend of quirky, whimsical elements with a touch of surrealism, resulting in captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Liting’s work is not only visually engaging but also tells compelling stories, showcasing her narrative prowess. Her portfolio spans various mediums, including editorial illustrations, animated shorts, and advertising campaigns.

  • Area of Expertise: Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design
  • Notable Clients: Eatigo, NUS, Starhub, Spikes Asia 2019, WEA, BCA, MediaCorp
Top Graphic Artist Singapore: Maria Fung

Maria Fung is a Singapore-based graphic artist with a strong focus on typography, print design, and branding. Her work is characterized by an elegant simplicity, utilizing well-considered color schemes and clean layouts to create visually striking designs.

Maria’s keen eye for detail and ability to combine form with function result in impactful and timeless visuals. She has collaborated with clients from various sectors, demonstrating her adaptability and commitment to excellence.

  • Services Offered: Graphic Design, Writing
  • Notable Clients: LinkedIn, Singtel, Drypers, Aviva, Golden Vilalge, Ion Orchard, M1, Zalora, Dell, Nets, CapitaLand
Talented Graphic Artist Singapore: Rei Law

Rei Law is a talented graphic artist based in Singapore, specializing in branding, print design, and web development. His artistic style incorporates a harmonious balance of bold visuals and refined typography, creating a cohesive and impactful aesthetic.

Rei’s keen understanding of design principles and attention to detail allow her to craft memorable designs that effectively communicate her clients’ messages. He has worked with a diverse range of clients, showcasing her versatility and dedication to quality.

  • Area of Focus: Graphic & Layout Design, Digital Design, Social Media Design, Product & Food Packaging Design, Mascot Design
  • Notable Clients: Advanced First Aid Research, Eleven August, Fiable, Lee Cheng Cheng
Highly Skilled Graphic Artist Singapore: Serene Soh

Serene Soh is a highly skilled graphic artist based in Singapore, offering a wide range of services including branding, logo design, and digital marketing. Her artistic style is marked by vibrant colors, clean lines, and engaging visuals, effectively capturing the attention of audiences.

Serene’s designs are not only visually appealing but also strategically crafted to achieve her clients’ goals. She has worked with numerous clients from various industries, showcasing her ability to adapt and deliver exceptional results.

  • Services Offered: Branding, Graphic Design, Website Design, Packaging Design
  • Notable Clients: GoodWood, LG, MontfortCare, NouRiche, Lead, NewWay
Distinguished Graphic Artist Singapore: Eeshark

Eeshark is a distinguished graphic artist based in Singapore, known for creating compelling visual solutions across multiple platforms. Specializing in branding, print design, and illustration, Eeshark’s work combines bold graphics with thoughtfully crafted layouts to produce engaging and memorable designs.

His artistic style is versatile and adaptable, allowing him to cater to a diverse range of clients and industries. Eeshark’s commitment to quality and innovative design has earned him a well-deserved reputation in the field.

  • Services Offered: Brand Design, Graphic Design, Web Design
  • Notable Clients: Red Events, Yacht21, Sephora, Summer Party 2015, Roche
Creative Graphic Artist Singapore: Vasudha Kedia

Vasudha Kedia is a creative and accomplished graphic artist based in Singapore, offering her expertise in branding, illustration, and web design through her studio, Dramallama Designs. Her artistic style is characterized by vibrant colors, bold patterns, and a touch of whimsy, resulting in designs that are both visually striking and engaging.

Vasudha’s work demonstrates her ability to convey complex ideas in a visually appealing and accessible manner. With a diverse portfolio that spans various industries, Vasudha Kedia is a versatile talent in the design world.

  • Specialities: Logo Design, Branding, Print Design, Event Design, Restaurant Design
  • Notable Clients: JiPay, Roberta

Discover the Best Graphic Artist Singapore Has to Offer: Top 10 Picks

In this article, we have showcased the top 10 graphic artists in Singapore, each with their unique artistic styles and impressive portfolios. These talented individuals excel in various fields, such as branding, illustration, and web design, creating visually stunning and impactful work. We encourage you to explore their websites and get inspired by their exceptional creativity and expertise.

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