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Discover the Best Padel Tennis Courts in Singapore and Enjoy the Game

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Welcome to our guide on discovering the best padel tennis courts in Singapore! Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, Singapore offers a vibrant scene with top-notch facilities waiting to be explored. Join us as we journey through the city to uncover the premier venues where you can not only play but truly enjoy the thrilling game of padel tennis.

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Padel Tennis Courts in Singapore Compared


No. of COurts


MBP SPORTS & Bliss Padel


$132 - $176

Singpadel Padel Club


$40 - $240

Ricochet Padel


$72 - $84

SkyPark Arena


$80 - $240

Prime Padel


$90 - $180

Where to Play Padel in Singapore - Public Courts Open to Everyone

1. MBP SPORTS & Bliss Padel @ Marina Sports Centre

Padel Tennis Courts: MBP SPORTS & Bliss Padel @ Marina Sports Centre

MBP SPORTS & Bliss Padel, located on the rooftop of Marina Square Mall, offers three top-quality Padel Tennis courts available for play from 7 am to 10 pm daily. With convenient booking options through their website, padel players can enjoy 90 minutes of court time for $132.

Lessons and racket rentals are available for booking, ensuring you have everything you need for a great game. However, please note that the courts are not covered, making them unsuitable for play during rainy weather. After a game, you can relax and unwind at the nearby cafes and restaurants in Marina Square, making it a perfect spot for both sports and leisure.

  • Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, Level 4 Marina Square Rooftop, Singapore 039594
  • Hours: Mon to Sun, 7 am – 10 pm
  • Phone: 9644 7739
  • Appointments:
  • Price: $132 for 90 mins, $176 for 120 mins
  • No. of Courts: 3

2. Singpadel Padel Club

Padel Tennis Venues: Singpadel

Singpadel Padel Club boasts six well-maintained Padel Tennis courts, operating from 7 am to 10 pm every day. Booking a court is convenient via their website, with various options ranging from 60 to 180 minutes, catering to both individual and doubles play. Additionally, they offer off-peak rates with a 30% discount, making it accessible for players seeking budget-friendly options.

The courts come with sun cover shade nets, ensuring players can enjoy their game comfortably even on sunny days. Here, you’ll find not only an excellent padel club but where friendship and gameplay come together to create unforgettable memories on the court.

  • Address: 2 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-14, Singapore 608512
  • Hours: Mon to Sun, 7 am – 10 pm
  • Phone: 8402 3899
  • Appointments:
  • Price: Single Court ($40 for 60 mins, $60 for 90 mins, $80 for 120 mins, $120 for 180 mins). Double Court ($80 for 60 mins, $120 for 90 mins, $160 for 120 mins, $240 for 180 mins). Off Peak Rates (30% Discount).
  • No. of Courts: 6

3. Ricochet Padel

Padel Tennis Locations: Ricochet Padel

Ricochet Padel offers two convenient locations (Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa & Laguna National Golf Resort Club), both operating from 7 am to 10 pm daily. With a total of six courts across 2 locations, players can easily book their preferred slot via the Ricochet Padel website or phone. Peak and off-peak pricing options cater to different scheduling needs, with rates starting from $72 for a 60-minute session.

Superfood goodies and cocktail popsicles are available for purchase, adding a refreshing and healthy option for players to enjoy during breaks between games. Showers are also available for $5, allowing players to freshen up after their matches.

  • Address: 2 Locations, see respective locations for address
  • Hours: Mon to Sun, 7 am – 10 pm
  • Phone: 8200 9417
  • Appointments:
  • Price: Peak ($84 for 60 mins). Off-Peak ($72 for 60 mins)
  • No. of Courts: 3

4. SkyPark Arena

Padel Tennis Courts: SkyPark Arena Holland

SkyPark Arena, situated at the Holland location, offers three high-quality Padel Tennis double courts, open from 8 am to 11 pm daily. Booking a court can only be made via phone, with various session durations available to suit different preferences. Prices range from $80 for a 60-minute session to $240 for 180 minutes, providing flexibility for players of all levels and schedules.

For those driving, here are the rates: Parking rates – Car: $2 per entry, Motorcycle: $1 per entry. Additionally, SkyPark Arena features a wheelchair accessible entrance to ensure all visitors can easily access the facility.

  • Address: 102 Ulu Pandan Rd, Singapore 597806
  • Hours: Mon to Sun, 8 am – 11 pm
  • Phone: 9028 0895
  • Appointments:
  • Price: $80 for 60 mins, $120 for 90 mins, $160 for 120 mins, $200 for 150 mins, $240 for 180 mins.
  • No. of Courts: 3

5. Prime Padel

Padel Tennis Venues: Prime Padel

Prime Padel, located at Grand Copthorne Waterfront, boasts three pristine Padel Tennis courts available for play from 7 am to 10 pm daily. Booking a court is effortless through their online platform or by phone, with options ranging from 60 to 120 minutes. Prices start at $90 for a 60-minute session, catering to players seeking both short and extended play times.

The courts are shaded, providing players with added comfort during their afternoon matches. Prime Padel also offers a vibrant community experience, with a WhatsApp group available for players to connect, find partners, and stay updated with the latest news and updates.

  • Address: 392 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169663
  • Hours: Mon to Sun, 7 am – 10 pm
  • Phone: 8189 7232
  • Appointments:
  • Price: $90 for 60 mins, $135 for 90 mins, $180 for 120 mins.
  • No. of Courts: 3

Exclusive Padel Experiences: Private Courts for Your Enjoyment

Reserved just for members or their friends, these priviate courts offer a special and personalized playing space. Whether you’re playing with pals or honing your skills in a quiet setting, these private courts promise a unique padel adventure.

1. The Hollandse Club

At The Hollandse Club, they provide a range of options to suit your padel journey, from single lessons to coaching clinics. Their dedicated padel courts are available for hire during peak and off-peak hours, ensuring convenient access for their members.

  • Address: 22 Camden Park Singapore 299814
  • Hours: Mon to Sun, 7 am – 10 pm
  • Phone: 6464 5225
  • Appointments:
  • Price: Peak ($35 for 90 mins), Off-Peak ($20 for 90 mins).
  • No. of Courts: 3

2. The British Club

If you are a member of The British Club, you can join the padel section for only $8+ per month and be part of the community. They host friendly fixtures against other clubs and organize section socials on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

  • Address: 73 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289761
  • Hours: N.A.
  • Phone: 6410 1100
  • Appointments:
  • Price: N.A.
  • No. of Courts: N.A.