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13 of the Best Stock Photo Websites

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It’s both time-consuming and uneconomical to produce high-quality photos for your brand. When you don’t have the resources to produce your images, stock photos are one of the best ways to elevate your brand presence.

In this post, we’ll review some of the top stock photo websites available in the market. We hope you get a ton of value from it and let’s dive straight in!

What are Stock Photo Websites?

Stock photo website acts as a platform to connect both photographers and customers. The stock photographers, also known as contributors, supply stock images to the stock banks or agencies on a revenue-sharing model.

When a customer makes a purchase, they will obtain the licensing rights to use the images. The images are ready to be used on websites, social media, email marketing, product packaging, letterhead, and more.

Best Free Stock Photo Websites for Royalty-Free Images

Best Stock Photo Websites: Shutterstock

Shutterstock is considered by many artists and companies to be one of the best stock photo websites in the market. How does this well-known stock agency back up this claim? Stats and figures tell the story: 1 billion images downloaded, 1 million contributors, and customers in over 150 countries.

For businesses on the fence, Shutterstock offers a free trial that allows you to download up to 10 images for free. The downloaded images will have their watermarks removed, and you are free to use them for any of your projects or visual collaterals.

  • Diverse image category: Explore over 150 carefully curated image categories and subcategory pages including 3D images, abstract, aerial images, animals, arts, and more.
  • Huge content library: Access to over 405 million images, and 200,000 more added every day.
  • Enhanced design tool: With Shutterstock Editor, you can edit images without the need to install photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.
  • Weekly free stock image: When you sign up for a Shutterstock account, you will get a free image or photo every week.
  • Worry-free licensing: Download and use your images with complete peace of mind.

Stock Image Plan and Pricing:

  • On-Demand: $49/yr for 5 downloads, $229/yr for 25 downloads.
  • Mix and Match: $49/mo for 25 credits.
  • Image Subscription: $29/mo for 10 downloads, $99/mo for 50 downloads, $169/mo for 350 downloads, $199/mo for 750 downloads.
  • Team: $479/mo for 750 downloads.
Best Stock Photo Websites: iStock Photo

Known for its incredible collection of stock images and affordable pricing, iStock Photo is a global player in the stock media industry. As an industry leader, they aim to provide a key destination for professionals to source professional and inexpensive stock images without breaking the bank.

With their extensive collection of templates, users can create a standout image or video that connects with the audience. For Dropbox users, you can link your Dropbox account to iStock to access, share and collaborate your content across all your devices.

Here are some of the key features you can expect with iStock Photo:

  • Exclusive images and videos: Gain access to visuals from global partners and artists that only work with iStock Photo.
  • Non-expiring credits: Unlike most of the stock photo websites, iStock credits will never expire as long as you sign in to your account at least once a year.
  • Advanced AI-powered search: Finding the best possible image based on keyword trends and concepts.
  • Unused downloads: Rollover up to 250 unused downloads month to month.
  • VisualGPS Insights: Gain access to insights that provide you with real data on how people are searching for a concept or visual.

Affordable Plans from iStock:

  • Basic: $36/mo for 25 downloads, $55/mo for 25 downloads, $109/mo for 50 downloads, $208/mo for 750 downloads.
  • Premium: $85/mo for 10 downloads, $130/mo for 25 downloads, $249/mo for 50 downloads, $416/mo for 750 downloads.
  • Premium + Video: $134/mo for 10 downloads, $225/mo for 25 downloads, $358/mo for 50 downloads.
Best Stock Photo Websites: DepositPhoto

Founded and headquartered in the USA, Depositphotos is a commercial platform that brings together authors of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors, and videos with appreciative buyers. As one of the fastest-growing microstock agencies in the world, they are trusted by some of the leading companies, including Tripadvisor, Forbes, Bosch, Subaru, BBDO, and Tescoma.

You can quickly search for your images using the innovative search functionalities, where you can apply search filters such as orientation, camera angle, renders, number of people, and more. For those looking to access Depositphotos, the Depositphotos app can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Some of Depositphotos’ main features are:

  • Free online background remover tool: Remove backgrounds from images automatically and in a single click.
  • Reverse image search: Upload an image to find similar and identical images in the library.
  • Large themematic collection: Find visual and audio content from over 235 millions files.
  • 30-days refund: Get a refund in 30-days should you have a change of mind.
  • Live chat support: Offers real-time live chat customer support directly on their website.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Subscription: $36/mo for 25 downloads, $69/mo for 75 downloads, $99/mo for 150 downloads, $199/mo for 750 downloads.
  • On Demand: $42 for 3 downloads, 65 for 11 downloads, $99 for 25 downloads, $299 for 100 downloads.
Best Stock Photo Websites: 123RF

Founded in 2005, 123RF is a bootstrapped company and one of the fastest-growing digital stock agencies. 123RF is a stock photo website that has helped a wide range of clientele, including individuals and businesses, to create creative images, sounds, and motion graphics.

123RF also allows you to:

  • Photo enhance tool: Improve image texture by enhancing and removing common defects found in images.
  • Fresh daily content: Gain access 120,000 new daily content.
  • Licensing usages and types: Meet all business and creative needs with different licensing options.
  • High-profile brands: Work with esteemed clients including Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, American Express, and Deloitte.
  • Free stock content: Download new creatives for personal and commercial use.

Cheap and Transparent Subscription Plans:

  • Subscription: $44/mo per 10 downloads, $128/mo per 50 downloads, $178/mo per 150 downloads, $248/mo per 350 downloads.
  • Download Pack: $36/yr per 3 downloads, $59/yr per 10 downloads, $119/yr per 25 downloads, $399/yr per 100 downloads.
Best Stock Photo Websites: Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a royalty-free stock asset website that helps you gain access to a diverse collection of professional and exclusive stock images. With Adobe Stock, you can access millions of stock photos, illustrations, and videos from the search engine results page. This allows you to quickly find the perfect stock asset for your next creative project.

Here are some more key features of Adobe Stock:

  • Adobe Stock free trial: Get 10 Adobe Stock stnadard assets during your 30-day free trial.
  • Large digital asset library: Explore royalty-free photos, vectors, video, audio, templates, fonts at a click of a mouse.
  • Community Support: Post questions and get answers from experts for free.
  • High-profile brands: Work with esteemed clients including Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, American Express, and Deloitte.
  • One-stop solution: Shop for a variety of services and apps including Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and more.

Cheap and Transparent Subscription Plans:

  • Credit packs: $49.95/yr for 5 credits, $149.99/yr for 16 credits, $359.99/yr for 40 credits, $669.99/yr for 80 credits, $1,200/yr for 150 credits.
  • Subscriptions: $19.99/mo for 10 assets, $49.99/mo for 25 assets, $199/mo for 750 assets.
Best Stock Photo Websites: Dreamstime

Dreamstime is one of the world’s largest communities for royalty-free photos and is affordable for anyone from large corporations to various magazines and blogs. Some of their key customers include HP, Walmart, and Autodesk.

Dreamstime also includes:

  • Direct contact with contributors & photographers: Leave a comment for additional support and customization options.
  • Free trial: 1-week free trial and get 10 images for free.
  • Great for mobile users: Dreamstime mobile app available for download on iOS & Android.
  • Exclusive Image Rights: When you purchase images under SR-El license, no one else can purchase those same images from that point on.
  • Unlimited usage rights: Unlimited usage rights across any number of industries, markets, and messaging mediums.

Prices and Download Plans:

  • Credit packages: $21.89/yr for 11 credits, $26.27/yr for 15 credits, $51.08/yr for 30 credits, $100.72/yr for 60 credits, $365/yr for 260 credits, $686.19/yr for 500 credits, $1313.98/yr for 1000 credits, $2569.56/yr for 2000 credits
  • Subscriptions: $33/mo for 5 images, $51/mo for 10 images, $36/mo for 15 images, $51/mo for 25 images, $72.98/mo for 100 images, $288/mo for 750 images, $2517/12-mo for 9000 images.
Best Stock Photo Websites: Bigstock

Bigstock is a fast and easy-to-use marketplace for quality and authentic stock images. Additionally, you can access over 50 million royalty-free photographs and illustrations to enhance your brand presence.

With Bigstock, you can also:

  • Satisfaction guarantee: For unhappy customers, you can get a full refund in the first month of the subscription.
  • Free re-downloads: Re-download any of your purchases for free and at no additional cost.
  • Super support team: Ask any questions via phone, email, or online chat.
  • Bigstock free: Sign up for 7-days free trial and download up to 35 royalty-free stock images.
  • Big library collection: Search and find from image category including vector, business, people, work, holidays and more.

Prices and Download Plans:

  • On-Demand: $79/mo for 150 images, $99/mo for 300 images, $79/mo for 50 images(no daily limit)
Best Stock Photo Websites: Freepik

Freepik is an all-in-one stock photo platform and also runs many of the popular websites like Flaticon, Slidesgo and Wepik. Their goal is to offer the best high-quality content at affordable rates. Since Freepik offers tons of free vectors and stock photos, you can try them out before committing to a paid subscription.

With Freepik, you can also:

  • Bookmark and favorites: Mark images you like so you don’t lost sight of them.
  • Flexible search engine: Browse and explore images using smart filters including color, orientation and style.
  • Copyright and license: Fuss-free usage for personal and commercial use.
  • Multi-language website: Browse Freepik’s in over 10 different languages.
  • Online editing: Use and create outstanding creations in just a few clicks.

Freepik’s Pricing:

  • Subscriptions: $9.99/mo for 100 downloads, 79.99.99/12-mo for 1200 downloads.
Best Stock Photo Websites: Getty Images

With Getty Images, you can find the perfect royalty-free image from the world’s best photo library of creative stock photos, vector art illustrations, and stock photography. Getty Images also owns both iStock and Unsplash, and with the three combined, they are home to the largest and most unparalleled catalog in the world.

Here are some more features that come along with Gettyimages:

  • Boards: Collaborate with ease by saving content directly to Boards and sharing them with your work team.
  • Unlimited indemnification: One of the strongest legal protection in the industry.
  • Generous usage rights: Use royalty-free content across any number of creative projects.
  • Plugins and Extensions: Integration with your favourite platforms including Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, and WordPress.
  • Flexible and subscription options: Full range of solutions for teams of any size and budget.

Gettyimages’ Flexible Pricing:

  • Small images: $225 for 1 download, $1,000 for 5 downloads, $1,850 for 10 downloads.
  • Medium images: $525 for 1 download, $2,250 for 5 downloads, $4,150 for 10 downloads.
  • Large images: $650 for 1 download, $2,925 for 5 downloads, $5,550 for 10 downloads.
Best Stock Photo Websites: Envato Elements

Brought to you by Envato Pty Ltd, Envato Elements is home to over 60 million assets and provides a lifetime commercial license. With their unlimited downloads feature, you can have the freedom to play, experiment, and create. As a certified B Corp, Envato Elements is committed to putting the community first and acting with a positive purpose.

Other notable features of Envato Elements are:

  • Free trials: 7-day free trial and cancel any time.
  • Students discount: 30% for students, and free for 7 days.
  • Unlimited download: No limits to downloads on over 60 million creative digital assets.
  • Trusted payment methods: Pay with popular payment modes with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and American Express.
  • Simple commercial license: Use digital contents and assets with confidence on work and personal projects.

Envato Elements’ Flexible Pricing:

  • Individual subscription plan: $16.50/mo
Best Stock Photo Websites: Story Block

Storyblocks is the world’s first stock media subscription service that offers video, audio, and images. With Storyblocks, you have access to over a million royalty-free footage, templates, music, and photo assets. In addition, you gain access to unlimited downloads with a single monthly subscription plan of $50.

Here are some more advantages of using Storyblocks:

  • Unlimited library: Traditional stock photo sites limit with pay-per-download model but Storyblocks provide unlimited download access with monthly subscription.
  • Make Editor: Easy, in-browser editing and integrated with full stock library.
  • Affordable plans: Different subscription plans catered for your budgets.
  • Storyblocks’ API: Easy integration with Storyblocks API to deliver relevant and exciting online content to end users.
  • Royalty free images: 100% royalty free and all downloads are yours forever.

Stockblock’s Pricing Plans:

  • Starter: $15/mo for 5 downloads.
  • Unlimited All Access: $30/mo for unlimited downloads.
Best Stock Photo Websites: Can Stock Photo

Founded in 2004, Can Stock Photo is one of the world’s largest and oldest microstock photography agencies. In its 18 years of history, it has attracted over 100,000 contributors and 1 million members from around the world. Can Stock Photo offers some of the most affordable images and clips available, with no contracts and no minimum orders.

Check out the additional features of Can Stock Photo:

  • Credits expiry: Credits last for 365 from original purchase date.
  • Royalty-free: All purchased images are free to use without paying additional fees.
  • Re-download files: You re-download all recently purchased files within 7 days of purchasing.
  • Sign-up: No signup is required and you can checkout with guest account.
  • Multi-language: Site is available in over 30 languages including English, Japanese, German, Chinese, South Korean, and more.

Can Stock Photo’ Flexible Pricing:

  • Credits: $9/yr for 12 credits, $25/yr for 35 credits, $50/yr for 80 credits, $100/yr for 170 credits, $200/yr for 360 credits.
  • Subscriptions: $99/mo for 300 downloads, $209/mo for 750 downloads, $409/mo for 1500 downloads, $729/mo for 3000 downloads, $1,714/mo for 7500 downloads.
Best Stock Photo Websites: EyeEM

EyeEm is an award-winning global photography community and marketplace. Whether you’re a website owner or a graphic designer on your creative team, EyeEm can help you find premium and royalty-free stock images all in one place.

Other professional features you can find with EyeEm:

  • Full-service photo and video production: Besides offering stock image services, they also provide photo and video production services.
  • Highly-discounted subscriptions: Save up to 80% with their new subscriptions.
  • All-in-one-platform: Collaboration tools, personalized search, and custom collections all in one website.
  • Flexible pricing plans: Available in à la carte, pack & subscription plans.
  • Reputable professional clients: Extensive portfolio of commercial work for some of the industry’s largest and most respected brands including Skyscanner, Trivago, Shopify, and Sennheiser.

EyeEm’s Pricing Plans:

  • Essential Photo Packs: $420/5 photos, $790/10 photos.
  • Premium Photo Packs: $1,570/5 photos, $2,790/10 photos

Using Stock Images and Photographs in Website Design

Using the right custom stock photos can keep your leads engaged on your website. Higher engagement leads to longer dwell time and will have direct impact to your website search engine ranking.

If you want to learn more how the right stock images can improve your website design, contact us online today.

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