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Best Climbing Shops in Singapore for 2024

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Discover the ultimate guide to climbing in Singapore with our roundup of the finest climbing shops the city has to offer. From state-of-the-art equipment to expert advice, get ready to gear up for your next ascent as we highlight the top destinations for climbers in 2024.

Top Climbing Shops in Singapore for 2024 Compared


Key Brands




Simond, Heroclip

Shoes, Harness, Carabiners, Ropes, Chalk Bags, Helmets

Above $79.90


Two Stones, Climbx, Climbing Technology

Carabiners, Fintertapes, Hardware, Harnesses, Ropes, Cords, Webbing

Above $40.00

Crank Factory

Mizuno, Molten, Asics, Spraino, McDavid

Butora, Ocun, Evolv, La Sportiva, Tenaya


Kinetics Climbing

Sportiva, Red Chili, Scarpa, Wild Country

Shoes, Gear, Apparel, Chalk, Apparel


Boulder Planet

Boulder Planet, Wild Country, Evolv, Tenaya, E9, Monthood

Shoes, Chalk Bags, Buckets, Apparel, Brushes, Hangboards

Above $350

Where to Buy the Latest Rock Climbing, Bouldering & Mountaineering Gears in Singapore?

Decathlon emerges as the premier destination for climbers in Singapore, offering a vast array of high-quality climbing gear tailored to meet the diverse needs of climbers at every level. With over 5,000 products spanning 60 sports, Decathlon ensures unparalleled convenience and affordability for climbers of all ages and skill levels.

From rock climbing shoes to harnesses, carabiners, chalk bags, ropes, helmets, and more, Decathlon provides climbers with everything they need to embark on their next adventure. What sets Decathlon apart is its unwavering commitment to offering the best value for money without compromising on quality.

Whether one is a seasoned climber or just starting out, Decathlon provides reliable gear that meets industry standards for safety and performance at unbeatable prices. Moreover, climbers can explore a comprehensive selection of climbing accessories to enhance their climbing experience, all available through Decathlon’s online platform for convenient browsing and purchasing.

Decathlon’s dedication to affordability makes it the go-to destination for climbers seeking high-quality gear without breaking the bank. From affordable rock climbing shoes suitable for climbers of all skill levels to a complete range of climbing accessories, Decathlon ensures that climbers can access the gear they need to stay safe and secure on the rock.

With detailed product descriptions and customer reviews, climbers can make informed decisions about their purchases and embark on their climbing journey with confidence.

  • Address: 15 Outlets, check respective outlets for address
  • Hours: Check respective outlets for operating hours
  • Phone: Check respective outlets for contact number

Amazon offers a diverse array of products catering to outdoor enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. With a focus on climbing equipment, the online shop provides everything from ropes and harnesses to training boards and chalk bags.

Customers can explore a wide selection of top-quality gear and accessories designed to enhance their climbing experience. From portable hangboards for finger strength training to dynamic climbing ropes for outdoor adventures, the shop features products suited for climbers of all levels.

Brands like Two Stones, Black Diamond, and Petzl ensure reliability and safety in every climb. Additionally, customers can find various accessories such as chalk bags, carabiners, and climbing holds to complete their climbing kit.

With convenient delivery options and competitive prices, Amazon makes it easy for customers to gear up for their next climbing excursion. Whether they’re scaling indoor walls or conquering outdoor crags, climbers can trust the shop’s curated selection to meet their needs and help them reach new heights in their climbing journey.

  • Address: Online only
  • Hours: Opened 24/7
  • Phone: N.A.
Best Climbing Shops in Singapore: Crank Factory

Crank Factory by Climb Asia offers a diverse range of climbing gear and equipment suitable for climbers of all levels. From the latest arrivals to top picks, climbers can find everything they need to enhance their climbing experience. Whether it’s premium climbing shoes like the Tenaya Mundaka or essential bundles featuring all the climbing essentials, Crank Factory has it covered.

With unbeatable deals on last pairs of climbing shoes and top-quality chalk from Tokyo Powder Industries, climbers can gear up with confidence knowing they’re getting the best products at great prices. Founded by climbers who understand the sport firsthand, Crank Factory is dedicated to providing a 100% satisfactory shopping experience.

Their exchange and refund policy ensures customers can shop with peace of mind, knowing that their needs are prioritized. With convenient shipping options within Singapore and internationally, as well as the option for self-collection at their showroom or affiliated climbing gyms, Crank Factory makes it easy for climbers to get their gear when and where they need it.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, Crank Factory is your ultimate destination for climbing gear and equipment.

  • Address: 1 Stadium Pl, #B1-01 Wave Mall, Singapore 397628
  • Hours: Tue to Sun, 2 – 7 pm
  • Phone: 8796 3538
Best Climbing Shops in Singapore: Kinetics Climbing

Kinetics Climbing offers a comprehensive selection of climbing gear, apparel, and accessories to cater to the needs of climbers of all levels. From top-of-the-line climbing shoes like the new La Sportiva Solution Wm to harnesses like the Mission Women’s and Mission Men’s, climbers can find high-quality equipment at reasonable prices.

With discounts of up to 40% on selected items, including the Meshuga climbing shoe and the Flow Women’s Harness, climbers can gear up affordably without compromising on quality. Convenient self-collection options allow customers to pick up their purchases at the store within three working days, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

For those who prefer delivery, both express and normal delivery options are available, with delivery times ranging from one to five working days depending on preference. Kinetics Climbing also provides climbing consultancy services, including wall designing and building, ensuring a dedicated and safe environment for climbers to enjoy their sport.

With a commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, Kinetics Climbing is your go-to destination for all your climbing needs in Singapore.

  • Address: 511 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218153
  • Hours: “Mon, 4 – 10 pm”, “Tue to Fri, 1 – 10 pm”, “Sat to Sun, 10 am – 7 pm”
  • Phone: 6291 5045
Best Climbing Shops in Singapore: Boulder Planet

At Boulder Planet, climbers can discover a diverse range of climbing gear, apparel, and accessories tailored to enhance their climbing experience. From cutting-edge climbing shoes like the Shaman Pro, designed with EvoWrap technology for a comfortable and powerful fit, to essentials like chalk and backpacks, Boulder Planet ensures climbers are equipped with top-quality gear from leading brands like Tenaya and Beastmaker.

In addition to offering premium climbing equipment, Boulder Planet takes pride in its exclusive in-house merchandise, crafted with the finest materials to guarantee unparalleled quality. Climbers can explore a range of items such as the Anniversary Tee, Climbing Tape, Shoe Bag, and Chalkbag, designed to complement their climbing journey.

Boulder Planet’s commitment to redefining climbing extends beyond its product offerings. With a focus on community-building, Boulder Planet aims to bring together climbers from around the world to share their passion and grow together. Through partnerships with renowned brands like E9 and Tenaya, Boulder Planet continues to evolve as the go-to destination for climbers seeking quality gear and a supportive community.

With convenient shipping options and a customer-centric approach, Boulder Planet ensures a seamless shopping experience for climbers, whether they’re gearing up for their next adventure or exploring new climbing possibilities.

  • Address: 604 Sembawang Rd, #B1-22/23 Sembawang Shopping Centre, Singapore 758459
  • Hours: “Mon to Fri, 10 am – 10 pm”, “Sat to Sun, 10 am – 9 pm”
  • Phone: 9469 2386