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12 Top Tennis Shops In Singapore

Do you know that back in the 12th century, the sport of tennis was played using the palm of the hand? Fast forward today, Tennis is widely recognized as one of the most popular individual sports and is played by millions of players in the world.

If you are a new player who has no previous experience with tennis, selecting the right tennis shop for your tennis gear and equipment can be a daunting experience. In this post, we share our pick of the top tennis shops you can visit to help you get the latest tennis brands and merchandise.

What is Tennis Shop?

Tennis shop is a one-stop location where you can get your hands on the latest rackets, balls, bags, shoes, strings, apparel, accessories and more. Typically, these stores will carry many top tennis brands including Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, Dunlop and Yonex.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, tennis retailers are pushing for digital transformation and good website design will increase the chances of them succeeding online.

12 Best Tennis Shops in Singapore

Tennis Shop: Amazon

With affordable prices and free shipping, Amazon is the most well-known shopping websites in Singapore. Best known for their massive selection of tennis items, Amazon has everything ranging from tennis rackets, balls, nets, grips, shoes, and more.

Quite often, Amazon has the best prices available anywhere, and with so many items and sellers listed on the marketplace, you will get the best possible price.

Tennis Shop: Leisure Sports

Leisure Sports is founded by Mr. Frankie Tan back in 1978. From a generic sports retail store, it has reinvented itself into a Tennis pro shop which sells all things related to Tennis as well as providing restringing services.

Located in World’s famous Orchard Shopping Belt in Far East Shopping Centre, it has served its customers well over the past years.

Tennis Shop: Transworld Sports

Transworld Sport is founded in 1988 by couple Eric and Teresa and the tennis shop is located right in Queensway Shopping Centre.

Widely known for it’s racquets and stringing services, they have been appointed the official stringer for tournaments such as Youth Olympic Games, Asean Singapore School Games, Singapore International Junior Championships and many more.

Tennis Shop: TennisHub

TennisHub is a Coronation Plaza tennis shop which you can find just about everything related to the sports of Tennis. The pro shop is currently located conveniently right in Bukit Timah Road.

They are actively participating in various grassroots programs and events, and also advocates giving back to the community by partnering Soundball Singapore which is an NGO that teaches Tennis to the visually-impaired.

Tennis Shop: SeaTennis

SEATennis is a pro Tennis shop and is also the authorized dealer for brands, Wilson and Babolat. Their core products include rackets, balls, strings, and bags.

Being a one-man team, owner Chester handles everything by himself and is known to share and impart his knowledge of racquets and strings to his customers. If you are looking for someone to chat with while waiting for your racket restring, he is the man to go for.

Tennis Shop: Lai Sports

Lai Sports is a professional sporting and goods and service provider in Singapore. They have won the top 3 sporting goods title in Orchard Road for 3 consecutive years.

Despite its small shop size, the shop boasts a comprehensive range of tennis items like rackets, grips, balls, bags, and shoes. Lai Sports also offers stringing service which you can get your racket a quick fix to replace the strings.

Tennis Shop: Racket Restring

Racket Restring is situated at 56 Strathmore Avenue, and it’s near IKEA, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre and Dawson Place. The cost of restringing of tennis rackets is from $13 and the string itself is included.

They offer delivery services for customers who do not have the time to pick-up their rackets after they have sent it down for restringing.

Tennis Shop: Sports Planet

Sports Planet is a tennis and squash shop located in 52 Stadium Rd run by Mr. Zainal Abidin. If you are into the sports of Squash, you might have heard from him and his best career achievement would be reaching World No. 6 in the year 1985.

They are very friendly and you can always welcome to ask any questions such as improving your swing technique or adjusting the string tensions.

Tennis Shops: Sintec Sportscity

Sintec Sportscity is a multi-brand sports store offering express stringing service, sporting equipment and more. Besides their main store in Bedok, they have branches also in Tampines Central, Jurong East, and Anchorvale Road.

They hope to build and promote a sporting nation through sports and leisure activities.

Tennis Shops: Champion Sports

Champion Sports began as a tiny shop along Bras Basah Road and has moved to the current premises at Peninsula Shopping Centre. They have been around in the sporting business for the past 65 years and with some staff that has been working with them over 40 years.

If you are looking for your tennis gear, Champion Sports has the experience to assist you in selecting the right gear for you.

Tennis Shops: Sports Elements

Sports Elements is founded in the year 2000 and it’s been 19 years into the business. With up to 50 international and local brands together with 6 outlets, there’s always something for any fitness lover.

Tennis Shops: Sports Reports

Sports Report is a popular tennis pro supply store based in Queensway Shopping Centre. They offer top-notch stringing service with two accredited ATP pro stringer. It is closed on Monday and take note of that if you ever need to head down directly to the store.

Your Website is the Future of your Business

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