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10 Best Floorball Shops in Singapore

Welcome to our guide on the 10 Best Floorball Shops in Singapore. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, find top-rated shops with quality gear, affordable prices, and expert advice. This list is your go-to for the best floorball shops in Singapore.

Top Picks: 10 Leading Floorball Shops in Singapore

amazon floorball

Amazon offers a diverse selection of floorball equipment and featured products include ACCUFLI Floorball Tricks Stick XORO Z80 and ACCUFLI Floorball Stick XORO Z70, known for their high ratings.

Customers can find a variety of floorball sticks, blades, balls, and accessories from brands like ACCUFLI, EXEL, and SKLZ.

The platform also provides convenient international delivery options and offers deals and discounts on eligible items, making it a go-to destination for floorball enthusiasts.

FloorBallPlay SG

FloorBallPlay SG is a premier floorball shop in Singapore, offering a broad range of high-quality equipment from top brands such as Salming, Exel, Oxdog, Unihoc, Zone, Fat Pipe, and Eurostick.

Catering to players of all levels, including those in school CCA programs, the store provides an extensive product line, including floorball sticks, balls, goalie gear, and support resources.

Conveniently located just 5 minutes from Beauty World MRT station, FloorBallPlay SG invites visitors to explore testing services and discover the perfect floorball stick.

Their knowledgeable associates are ready to provide expert recommendations, repair, and maintenance services to ensure an enjoyable and successful floorball experience.


Explore top-notch floorball gear at RED, a leading Singapore floorball shop. They take pride in offering a wide range of premium equipment from brands like Salming, Exel, Oxdog, Unihoc, Zone, Fat Pipe, and Eurostick.

Whether you’re part of a school CCA or a competitive player, their diverse product line, including floorball sticks, balls, goalie gear, and support resources, meets all your needs.

Conveniently situated at 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-20, Vertex, S408868, and open Monday to Saturday from 2 PM to 6 PM, RED welcomes you to enjoy the best in floorball.

Youth Floorball Shop

Youth Floorball Shop (YFS), powered by Youth Floorball Academy, is the one-stop shop for all floorballers’ needs.

Housing a variety of brands, products range from floorball sticks, to blades, balls, and other supporting items suitable for players from beginner to professional levels.

Founded on the motto of Passion, Love & Fun, Youth Floorball Academy (YFA) nurtures youths in the development of mind, character, and fitness through the game of floorball.

Established in 2017, YFA conducts weekly training sessions for players of varying skill levels and actively participates in national and community-level competitions, emphasizing sportsmanship, resilience, and camaraderie.

Drizzle Asia

Drizzle Asia exclusively distributes Zone and Unihoc floorball equipment, offering a diverse range suitable for players at various skill levels.

Their product lineup includes high-end models like the white Carbskin and Evolab series, ensuring top-notch quality for all floorball enthusiasts.

Operating as the largest floorball shop in Singapore, Valhall, in collaboration with Drizzle Asia, provides a comprehensive online platform serving floorball needs throughout Asia.

Established in 1995, Valhall has been instrumental in introducing and advancing floorball in Singapore, achieving milestones such as organizing the SG Open, now the largest tournament in Asia.


Decathlon Singapore, the ultimate destination for floorball enthusiasts, offers a wide selection of high-quality floorball sticks, balls, and apparel at unbeatable prices.

With an extensive range catering to various preferences and needs, they stand out as the go-to shop for floorball equipment.

Decathlon’s commitment to providing quality at unmatched prices is evident in their sports gear, equipment, apparel, and accessories, all curated through stringent quality controls.

Offering islandwide delivery within 2 hours, Decathlon ensures unparalleled convenience for online floorball purchases, making them the preferred choice for sports enthusiasts in Singapore.

Javy Sports

Javy Sports Pte Ltd is a trusted supplier in Singapore and Southeast Asia, specializing in First Aid with a sports focus, Physical Education equipment, and Active Play toys.

Understanding the importance of recovery, skill improvement, and fun, they recommend products tailored to meet your needs.

With firsthand experience as competitive athletes, Javy Sports ensures the correct use of their diverse range of tried and tested products, selected for durability and safety.

Their website serves as an informative resource to aid your decision-making process, emphasizing customer satisfaction as their top priority.

Liang Seng Sports

Liang Seng Sports Equipment Pte Ltd, established since 1981, is a premier supplier in Singapore specializing in floorball equipment.

With a dedication to serving customers and a focus on floorball, they provide a comprehensive range of high-quality products and services tailored to the needs of floorball enthusiasts.

Operating retail outlets in Marina Square and Tanjong Katong, they have become the go-to one-stop-shop for floorball enthusiasts, offering a diverse product line, including floorball sticks, balls, apparel, and accessories.

Floorball Nation

Floorball Nation, the ultimate destination for floorball enthusiasts in Singapore, proudly stands as the “Home of Floorball.”

Offering a full range of floorball equipment and services, they cater to every aspect of the game, including sticks, grips, blades, balls, bags, goalie helmets, jerseys, pants, kneepads, gloves, and shoes.

Featuring top brands such as Oxdog, Blindsave, and Asics, they provide a diverse selection for players.

Located at City Plaza, 810 Geylang Road, #02-46, Singapore 409286, Floorball Nation welcomes visitors during their opening hours on weekends and accommodates appointments on weekdays.


Founded in 2010 by Hansen Bay, Activo emerged from the increasing demand for fitness solutions in sport programs designed for kids and senior citizens.

Initially focusing on importing basic equipment like pedometers and resistance bands, Activo expanded its range of floorball sports and PE equipment in response to popular demand.

One of their earliest successes was the Big B Shelving System, a storage solution designed by Uncle Bay, Hansen’s father.

Currently led by Brenda and Fifi, the Activo team, including Uncle Bay and Zul, continues to prioritize customer feedback and support physical educators and coaches with a range of sports and PE equipment at their location in Loyang Industrial Estate, Singapore.

Your Guide to Floorball Gear: A Look at Diverse Equipment Options

In summary, the Floorball Retail Landscape showcases diverse equipment options from leading suppliers like Floorball Nation, Amazon, Liang Seng Sports, and Activo.

This comprehensive overview highlights the evolution of floorball retail, emphasizing the variety of equipment available and the industry’s adaptability to changing player needs.

Whether you’re seeking specialized gear from dedicated stores or exploring international options on platforms like Amazon, the floorball market ensures enthusiasts have ample choices for an enriched playing experience.